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The Winners for Reel School's Ky PSA 2008!

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

Thanks to our judges for their hard work! The Reel School also thanks the Kentucky Center for School Safety, our partner for this year.

View all of the Ky PSA 2008 Videos. Just a reminder...only those videos passing the "First Tier" screening are viewable online...a complete list of the videos which did not make it are also available from the above link (without videos). Some details...

  • Flash is the web delivery format this year.
  • Warning/Disclaimer:  Bullying is a sensitive topic which can lead to issues relating to violence. The creativity of the students working on these videos (especially high school students) have produced some potentially disturbing images and implied circumstances - these videos should be previewed before using them in any setting, and some may not be appropriate to very young students.
  • Contact me if anything seems wrong!

Here are the videos from last  year.

The Hall of Fame

2007 Winners:

1st Place:

  • Elementary: “Do you know what having a disability feels like?” – STLP, Collins Elementary (Lisa Stamper)
  • Middle: “Amanda“ - Lebanon Middle STLP, Lebanon Middle (Mary Ruth Hogan)
  • High: “Pictures Speak Louder Than Words” - WPLD, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School (Alicia Henning)

2nd Place:

  • Elementary: “Assistive Technology Completes the Puzzle” - Robt. D. Johnson Elementary, Ft. Thomas Ind. Schools (Dennis Daniel)
  • Middle: “Fighting Autism Together“ - Newburg Middle School Video Production Crew, Newburg Middle School (Anne Howard)
  • High: “Help is an ipod away” - Multi-media/technology class, Beechwood High School (Dawn Norris)

3rd Place:

  • Elementary: “AT @ JRA” - James R Allen Primary (Allison Doutaz)
  • Middle: “A Day in the Life of Caleb Hazel “- Bardstown Middle School (Laura Greenwell)
  • High: “Making Possibilities Unlimited” - HCEC-TV, Central Hardin High School (Gina Ryan)

2007's contest topic was special needs students, with a focus on assistive technology.

Awards Ceremony:

The Kentucky PSA 2008 Video Contest is offered in coordination with Elaine Harrison, Kentucky Department of Education's state Student Technology Leadership Program Coordinator. Our awards ceremony will be on May 8th, as a part of the STLP Competition in Lexington, KY.

What is it? It's a Kentucky-wide video contest for students, classes, and student organizations!

What does the video have to be about? The topic varies from year to year. Each year we partner with a different state/national non-profit organization. See our Students page for more detail.

On locationWho can enter? Any school organization or class in Kentucky.

What can I win? Prizes vary from year to year. Past contests distributed video camcorders and software.

How can I enter?On location

  • If you are a student: Talk to the teacher/advisor of your class or club/organization about producing a video using this contest's guidelines.
  • If you are a teacher/advisor: You will register here. Complete instructions will be available online soon.

What's the deadline? The deadline for submission is February 1. See Timeline for details.

Who do I contact? Be sure to read the resources on this site. See Contact Us for whom you can ask!

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